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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Want to have Peaceful Holidays?

Thanksgiving weekend is lost to many seniors and their families who find themselves buried alive with college paperwork.  Some are just starting to look at schools at this late date!  Others are making their final choices and being shocked to find many with 12/1 scholarship deadlines.  Still others are wading their way through applications.  Depending on the academic rigor of the college or university, students find themselves with as many as five essays to write for a single school.  That late realized fact turns a long weekend off school into a busier time than when school is in session.

Other families wait even longer, and find their Christmas Break overtaken with applications.  Then they realize that there are financial aid applications, too.  It's a recipe for disaster!  It's also a recipe which won't yield the best outcome.  Rushed applications don't include the students' best representations of themselves.  Mistakes are made.  Transcripts and recommendations and test scores are forgotten, or much delayed.

In contrast to that, as of this morning, most of my clients have been accepted at between one and four colleges and they have over $200,000 in scholarship monies already offered to them.  They enjoyed Thanksgiving break and are looking forward to finishing their applications (for the few not already done) over Christmas break.  They are already started; they just didn't finish them because of finals.  But they aren't worried.  They have been steadily working at their applications for the schools which made it onto their final schools list.  And they have a time-tested college planner reviewing their essays and completed applications before they gather together to whisper a prayer and hit submit.

If you want peaceful holidays, it takes time and planning, and a little investment - with a fantastic ROI. 'Tis the season for gift giving.  Give the sophomores and juniors in your life the gift of peace.  Give us a call and book an initial consultation to explore the incredible benefits of working with one of the best college planners in the USA. Working with young people and their families all across the USA: (858) 705-0043 (Pacific Time)