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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

ZeeMee – a Visual Way to Present Yourself to Admissions

ZeeMee is a new way for students to showcase themselves for admissions.  A growing number of colleges are including the option of connecting a profile to your application.  Students include information about themselves (their “elevator pitch” or 60 second highlight summary, 3-5 of their activities with pictures, videos, or documents, a professional photo, and their story.  They can also create a 30-90 second “Meet Me” video.

Last year was the first year that some admissions departments included ZeeMee as an option.  The feedback they gave is that they appreciated the opportunity to get to know the personality of the applicants better.  This year, over 200 colleges will be including this option.  While admissions teams are sorting out how to best include reviewing ZeeMee in their application review process, the initial expectation is that they will take between one and three minutes to view a profile.

Some tips for students.  Keep your profile positive and professional.  Be yourself, especially in your video.  Admissions are adept at noticing when a student is not being him or herself so don’t try to be someone you are not.  Minor mistakes in your video are OK.  A perfect video would be suspect, unless your resume includes lots of experience and expertise in video creation.  Including a quick testimonial in your video is ok.  There are sample videos on ZeeMee; these will give you an idea.

You can start creating your profile any time after you turn 13.  Then use it as a place to document and memorialize your accomplishments throughout high school, including accomplishments at school, work, athletics, competitions, and your life in general.  As always, be careful to not use buzzwords or abbreviations.  You may know what the KofC picnic is, but admissions won’t.

I have mixed feelings about this.  For those capable of pulling together a decent video, I think it’s a great option.  For those who are not, I think it would be best to skip this.  However, it IS an opportunity for a student with a special ability which is not directly related to their major area of interest, to showcase that.  For example, a student who hopes to play for the marching band but not major in music.  Or for an athlete who loves their sport but isn’t looking to be recruited.  Or for students who do atypical things – give talks, do serious research, create amazing art (but who aren’t submitting a portfolio or audition) – be it visual or performing…

ZeeMee allows students to keep their profiles private or public.  When it is private, it is not able to be found via internet search.  When a profile is flagged as public, it is searchable and may be viewed by anyone.  There is a way to share the link to your profile directly thus making it selectively available.  For a tutorial on ZeeMee, please go to