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Friday, July 1, 2011

Tuitions Explode, but that's not all...

In the Department of Education's latest report, 22 Cal State University system campuses are leading the nation with tuition increases ranging from 35 to 47% from 07/08 to 09/10.  At the same time, the national average tuition was $6, 397.  All twenty-two CSU schools had tuitions below that.

This means that, as far as tuition goes, CSU schools are still a good deal, if you can get in.  Given the significant reduction in the number of students being accepted at each campus, admissions is much more challenging than before.

Looking at the bigger picture, we notice that many of these schools have fairly low 6 year graduation rates.  Most students at these schools do NOT graduate in four years.  When planning college funding as well as deciding which schools to target requires taking all these factors into consideration.  Cost, expected admissions, success climate on campus, length of time to graduate, and financial aid possibilities are but a few of the myriad factors a family needs to consider as they finalize their school selections and funding plans.

Doing something new is always a challenge, and we all tend to make mistakes the first time or two.  You know the story - build something, then figure out what to do with the "extra" pieces that were overlooked the first time.  Unfortunately, when it comes to preparing our children  and our finances for college, there is no second chance.  That's why having a seasoned, certified, professional college planner guiding you is invaluable.  You will save untold hours as well as significant dollars.

Like any excellent professional, I work with a limited number of clients in order to ensure the highest level of service possible. Call today, ask if there is room in my practice for your family, and arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your student's hopes and dreams and the necessary steps to achieve those dreams! 858-705-0043

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