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Thursday, March 15, 2012

More and more California Students are seeing the light - and realising that there is life, and there are colleges, outside the Golden State!

A recent LA Times article cites numerous reasons students are leaving California.  Increased availability of financial aid is a key factor.  For a family with an income of $130,000, Harvard may well be cheaper than CSULA.  At Harvard, they will qualify for a great deal of aid, at their local CSU, non.  Another, also cost related, factor driving students out of California is the opportunity to finish in four  at out of state schools, as opposed to five or six at the heavily impacted California schools (particularly the UC and CSU campuses).

Choosing one's colleges is a critical factor in a successful college education.  This year, as in previous years, my clients have been receiving generous scholarship offers from their schools.  Student performance is not always excellent.  One young man has an extremely uneven academic performance, including a D on his transcript yet has been offered over $65,000 in scholarships by one of his top schools.  Another, an honors student, was recently offered $32,500 per year by Case Western.

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