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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

A Bible/Journal

A Book Review by Katherine O'Brien, MA CCPS

The Tyndale NLT Catholic Inspire Bible doesn't have a catchy name.  This Bible is part Bible and part journal.

Writing in your Bible is helpful for taking notes, jotting down how you've been inspired, and helping you as you prayerfully reflect on the Word of God.  This Bible takes that to a whole new level!  Beautifully bound, the NLT Bible uses the new living translation, which is very readable.  A team of Catholic scholars evaluated the translation and it was deemed correct; this Bible has both an imprimatur and the nihil obstat.  (The nihil obstat is a formal declaration that a text contains nothing in conflict with the teachings of the Catholic Church.  The imprimatur is an official license to print a religious or inspirational text.)

The Inspire Bible features over 450 beautiful line drawings which can be enjoyed as they are or colored in.  The inside cover pages can be colored with markers; the text pages are the thin paper typical of Bibles so colored pencils are recommended.  The margins are two inches.  Those not featuring a drawing have lines for notes. Coloring the drawings, which are word art of verses, is a great way to meditate on the texts, even memorize them.  In addition, many find coloring to be a great practice to reduce anxiety.  What better to color and focus on than the Word of God!

The cover is light pink; the edge of the pages, rather than gold, are colored with a beautiful drawing of flowers and butterflies.

It's only $33.  I highy recommend it!  Buy it from Amazon here.

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