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Friday, January 21, 2011

California community colleges facing significant challenges

Governor Brown's proposed budget includes massive cuts in higher education funding - a staggering $400million for the community colleges - yet calls for an expansion in the number of students served.

Community college students already face closed campuses and increased difficulties in transfering out.  Overcrowding on many campuses has caused students to take 4, 6, or even more years to complete their two year requirements so they can transfer out.  Students unable to complete their requirements take up seats in other classes, causing a cascading effect.

Mr. Scott, the state's community college chancellor estimates that the failure of the proposed $9billion tax extension measure will result in double the cuts to their budget, $800 million, rather than $400 million.  He understandably opposes the governor's idea of increasing the number of students served.  There is an issue of quality, he rightly comments.

For some, the community college first, then transfer route may still be an effective way to get a college education.  However, California is not the only state in the country with budget woes.  Caveat emptor - buyer beware.  Students need to do their homework and are well advised to work with professional private college planners. 

Examples of the benefits of working with a planner can be seen at, my website.  I work with families all across the US.

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