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Friday, January 21, 2011

CSUs can't keep up with demand

CSU Long Beach received more than 10 applications for each seat lat year.  LA, San Diego, Long Beach, San Jose, and other crowded cities have campuses which simply cannot keep up with local population growth.

Combine this problem with the deep, deep budget cuts and you have a recipe for disaster, maybe even the closure of campuses.  Although Cal State officials say reducing costs is their focus, tuition increases are also on the table.   Increases are almost a certainty if Californians do not approve a $9billion extension of tax increases.

Add to that the fact that many CSU campuses have 6 year graduation rates around 50%, and these schools are not good options for most students.

It is time for Californians to be realistic and look to private and out of state schools.  The CalGrant program, long a lure for staying in state for many students, has barely been funded the past two years and may not survive the chopping block.  And it is time that the rest of the nation recognise the loss in caliber and quality the budget cuts are causing in the public universities of California.

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