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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Value of Starting College Prep Early

Have you noticed the incredible accomplishments of top seniors? Things like four years of scientific research, athletic achievement, books written and published, music created and performed, businesses started, the list goes on.  It takes intentional preparation during the junior high/middle school years to be ready to do those sorts of things in high school.  And those high caliber achievements in high school lead to much higher chances of admissions and merit scholarships at the colleges right for you.

Does that mean that you have to be super intense at the age of 11 in order to get into college?  No, it doesn't.  But, if you want to get into elite schools or are already manifesting giftedness in an area, having a coach working with you and your parents will help you develop yourself to be the best you possible.  Those gifts are there for a reason.  And they need to be encouraged, developed, and shared.

None of us achieves our best alone.  It takes the consistent support, encouragement, and guidance of someone who believes in you to draw the best out of each one of us.  It takes someone who can look at the possibilities ahead and guide us.  Working with a coach means we are not alone, and we can focus on honing our skill while they work with our parents to guide us as we manifest our gifts in our community, whether it be in competitions, charity work, entrepreneurial endeavors, performances, or other venues.

Imagine starting high school with your dream for college firmly in your mind so you are evaluating yourself, identifying strengths (hooray!) and areas which need strengthening.  Then, the summer before high school, taking time to improve your time management or organizational skills, or whatever it is you've identified.  You walk into high school ready to perform well.

Imagine starting a business between 8th grade and high school.  A microbusiness to house sit or tutor or computer servicing or a lawn service company.  Rather than just doing a little here and a little there, you take the time to organize and advertise your offering.  Now you have something solid to show the admissions committee when you apply for college - and you have likely increased your revenues as well.

Imagine planning your freshman classes with maintaining a 4.0 as your goal, allowing yourself some breathing room in order to adjust to the new environment and expectations that high school brings.  Planning your classes to challenge yourself and demonstrate your intellectual giftedness, not overdoing it, and not coasting either.

Starting early also has financial advantages for the family's college fund.  Although my services incur costs, the benefits of strategically planning ahead have helped many families lower their college costs as well as significantly increase their college funding resources.  Savings of 30% are common ( $40,000+); some families save far more.  Let's collaborate!

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