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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Campus Visits!

Summer is here and many are headed out to visit some campuses they are seriously considering attending.  While the atmosphere on campus is different in the summer, a great deal can still be learned during the summer campus visits.  Additionally, families have more time so can explore the campus and surroundings a bit more thoroughly.

When on campus, it is important to strike out, to venture beyond the campus tour.  The admissions office has their view of campus life; students have a different perspective.  Be sure to register with the admissions office, too.

In order to keep families on track during their visits, and have a place to record their impressions, keep track of contact information as they explore each campus and meet with professors and others, we developed a campus visit guide.  It is a reproducible pdf file.  Students may make as many copies (one per school is ideal) as needed. Each student will need to buy his or her own copy.  Available here.

During and after campus visits, it is essential that notes are taken.  Once several campuses have been visited, certain details tend to blend.  By taking notes, you'll be sure to remember that Professor Jones was from Northwestern not University of Chicago, for example.  Those notes will provide details for application essays, revealing your deep knowledge of the university and your investment in becoming part of their student body.
 We found some great tips for you online, too.

Virtual College Visits (take advantage of the opportunity to visit a college virtually and then in person, when you can):


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