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Thursday, March 10, 2011


If money is not too much of an issue, and your first choice school has Early Decision (ED), apply ED.  The admit rates are much, much higher ED than Regular Decision.  Remember that you will be committed to that school, however, so be sure it’s the right school for you. 

Acceptance rates are also higher for Early Admission (EA) applicants.  These applicants benefit from the “early bird gets the worm” philosophy.  Although they must complete their application sooner, they also have the reduced stress of knowing they have been accepted much sooner. 

It is easier to get in EA or ED, period.  That doesn’t mean it is easy to get accepted by these schools – it is just easier for qualified candidates to be accepted when they apply EA or ED vs. applying RD (Regular Decision).  Put together a strategy to take advantage of all your options!

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