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Friday, March 18, 2011

The purpose of College

Recently, a group at the University of Chicago has started a movement for increased casual sexual activity amongst the students there.  The website is

This begs the question  - what is the purpose of going to college?  Does casual sex along the way contribute to the accomplishment of one's goals and achievement of one's aspirations?  Or does it distract?  Does it result in increased business at the local Planned Parenthood clinic?  Heartache for students, particularly women, whose hopes for permanence or meaning in such an intimate encounter are dashed, repeatedly?  Does this sort of behaviour improve the quality of campus life, the caliber of the education, or the true happiness of the student body at a university?  Do parents really spend $40,000 + /year think this sort of diversion is helpful to their children's education?

U of Chicago, in particular, is the training ground for lawyers, doctors, scientists, social scientists.  In short, for many professionals.  Will it help them to have this sort of legacy?  Will professional organisations consider this helpful?  Especially when they already see the disruption to productivity that divorce, affairs, and the like cause their businesses?

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