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Monday, March 14, 2011

What to do if you are wait listed

Wait list means they’ll offer you a spot if not enough of the accepted kids choose to go there.  The schools do this so their classes are full.  It is natural to be disappointed or upset.  However, all is not lost.

If you are sincerely interested in the school which wait listed you,  let the admissions office know – by letter or email – that you are still interested.  Find out who the regional rep is and contact him/her.  Explain why this school is a great fit for you – be specific – I have done research on X and am eager to work with Professor C who is working in this area…  Also provide updates on what you've done since you sent in your application.  Hopefully there is something significant you can report.  Often it might just be little, but important things, like pulling a grade up from a B+ to an A.  You can follow up with additional updates when you have things to report – so have things to report!  Apply for internships, enter contests, get a job, do significant leadership with your groups, etc.  You can also enlist the support of teachers and counselors who can call admissions on your behalf.  They need to be able to add to the information included in your application – things like being the only/one of the few seniors who actually sent a thank you note for all the help provided…

So, if you are seriously interested in your wait list school,  stop moping and let them know.  Do not be a pest but advocate for yourself, so you are at the top of the waitlist pile.

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