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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Introduce Yourself!

Time to build a resume!  A Personal Achievements Resume is a written showcase of YOU - everything that is not on your transcript goes on here.  Leadership, community service, travels, summer camps, businesses you have created, jobs you have held, ministries you have led.  The works!

So, get out your computer, fire up Word, and start typing.  Start with the summer after 8th grade and continue on.  Have your mom check it - have dad take a look - make sure nothing got left out.  Include enough description so that someone who has never heard of the programs you list will know what they are, how significant your contribution was, how much time per day/week/year you spent on it, and when you were involved in it.  At the information gathering stage, just organise by category (work, community service, clubs, leadership, sports, etc.) or by time period (summer of 2010, 2010/11 school year, etc.)

Once that is done, refine it into a presentable format.  Actually have TWO copies of this on your computer - the list, complete with the descriptions of every item, and the formal presentation version.  Make this look very elegant, refined, businesslike.  Include enough information about each item for clarity, but that is all.  Organise this by category, not epoch.  Leadership, Community Service, Entrepreneurial Ventures, Employment, Sport, etc.

Once you are done creating your presentation version, be sure to use the Spell Checker. TYPOS are TABOO!

Update this at the end of each summer, over Christmas break, and at the end of the school year, before you launch into your summer endeavors.

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